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    SubjectRe: kernel BUG at lib/radix-tree.c:473!
    On Thu, 14 Aug 2008, Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
    > Hugh Dickins wrote:
    > > In both cases it's handling a page fault: I'm curious as to what kind
    > > of vma this fault is occurring on. Could you devise a way of getting
    > > us /proc/<pid>/maps output, together with the faulting address, when
    > > it hits one of these BUGs? Or should I try to put together a patch
    > > for that?
    > It's a /dev/fb0 mapping:
    > open("/dev/fb0", O_RDWR) = 8
    > ...
    > mmap(NULL, 2097152, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_SHARED, 8, 0) = 0x7fed69a08000
    > The fault is 1 page into this mapping:
    > WARNING: at /home/jeremy/hg/xen/paravirt/linux/fs/buffer.c:711
    > __set_page_dirty+0x7e/0x113()
    > kernel BUG at /home/jeremy/hg/xen/paravirt/linux/lib/radix-tree.c:473!
    > radix_tree_tag_set+0x17/0x9b
    > CR2: 00007fed69a09000 CR3: 000000000cbc4000 CR4: 0000000000002620
    > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    > Process X (pid: 1357, threadinfo ffff88000b048000, task ffff88000cb2ecc0)

    Brilliant, thanks a lot, Jeremy. That fits, I'd been inching towards
    forming the thought that it was likely to involve a block or char device
    (rather than a directory, which is what had prompted the patch).

    I'd thought about them when making the patch, but quickly decided that
    a device node may live in a tmpfs (and usually does with udev), but
    redirects off to somewhere else entirely.

    If I open /dev/sda and mmap it, then I don't expect to see pages of
    shmem, I expect to see pages from my disk. Though if I open /dev/zero
    and mmap it, that character device does happen to be the one which
    comes back and delivers pages of shmem.

    Now if I open /dev/fb0 here and mmap it as you did, and try to write
    to it through those pages, I see nothing bad happening: I don't know
    for sure what pages it's making available to me, but I hope they're
    pages belonging to that driver.

    tmpfs doesn't associate its shmem_file_operations with a device node,
    so there wouldn't be a way to mmap it, unless the device driver gives
    the struct file its own file_operations, including an .mmap method.

    It looks like your fb driver is providing a backing_dev_info which
    tells vma_wants_writenotify that it wants mapping_cap_account_dirty:
    hmm, I suppose the default one would do that, though shmem provided
    one which says not. But not providing any address_space_operations
    with a .set_page_dirty which would keep it out of trouble.

    Before my patch, the device node happened to stay pointing to
    shmem_aops, whose set_page_dirty was safe; now it's getting
    default behaviour, and hitting these problems.

    As you can see, I'm still groping towards the right answer.
    The driver probably needs to provide its own backing_dev_info
    (or point to a suitable default), and its own address_space_ops,
    and perhaps more (there should be examples elsewhere). But whether
    it is actually wrong, or whether I was wrong to mess it up, I've
    not yet decided.

    An additional useful input would be: what happens if you replace
    that /dev/fb0 by a symlink /dev/fb0 pointing to an fb0 device node in
    one of your disk filesystems? I rather expect that to cause the same
    trouble, which would argue that the driver is wrong and shmem right.


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