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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Wifi Link 5300 and 5100 Series
Intel would like to announce Linux support  for Wifi Link 5000 and
5100 Series Adapters under iwlwifi driver (iwlagn.ko)

The Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 Series and 5300 is a families of IEEE
802.11a/b/g/Draft-N1 wireless network
adapters that operate in both the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz spectra. These
adapters, available
in both PCIe* Mini Card and Half Mini Card form factor
5100 1x2 MIMO up to 300Mbps
5300 3x3 MIMO up to 450Mbps

Note: in 2.6.27-rc3 the MIMO and QoS features are not operational due
to recent changes in MQ. This has probably hit also other wireless
drivers We are working on resolving these issues.

The best known working driver can be located in iwl500 branch of
git:// iwl5000

It is based 2.6.26-rc6 wireless-testing kernel.
We will publish compat-wireless that works with this release for easy
back porting to earlier stable kernels.

The driver requires firmware that can be downloaded from

pci.ids were already sent to
8086 Intel Corporation
4232 Wifi Link 5100 Wireless Adapter
8086 1201 5100ABGN Mini Card
8086 1205 5100BG Mini Card
8086 1206 5100ABG Mini Card
8086 1301 5100ABGN Half Mini Card
8086 1305 5100BG Half Mini Card
8086 1306 5100ABG Half Mini Card
8086 1321 5100ABGN Half Mini Card Dell
8086 1326 5100ABG Half Mini Card Dell
4235 Wifi Link 5300 Wireless Adapter
8086 1001 5300ABGN Mini Card
8086 1101 5300ABGN Half Mini Card
8086 1121 5300ABGN Half Mini Card Dell
4236 Wifi Link 5300 Wireless Adapter
8086 1011 5300ABGN Mini Card Lenovo
4237 Wifi Link 5100 Wireless Adapter
8086 1211 5100ABGN Mini Card Lenovo
8086 1216 5100ABG Mini Card Lenovo



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