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SubjectRe: Power management for SCSI
On Wed, 13 Aug 2008, Stefan Richter wrote:

> > For transports which are like USB, we should do autosuspend at the
> > target (not device) level. This means invoking the suspend/resume
> > routines of the ULDs like sd and sr. The transport gets notified when
> > all of the targets are suspended. (Or maybe the host driver gets
> > notified instead; there probably isn't any advantage to using the
> > transport class here.)
> >
> > For other transports, we should only do idle-timeout detection. The
> > transport gets notified when any target has been idle for sufficiently
> > long, so that it can power down the link. The ULDs are not involved.
> >
> > Does that sound okay?
> Minor correction: The ULD suspend/resume methods necessarily work on
> logical units, not targets.

Yes; I should said that the suspend/resume methods of the ULD for each
of the target's LUNs gets invoked.

Alan Stern

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