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SubjectRe: 2.6.27-rc1: critical thermal shutdown on thinkpad x60 (bisected)
Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
> On Tuesday, 12 of August 2008, Pavel Machek wrote:
>> On Tue 2008-08-12 13:44:27, Milan Broz wrote:
>>> Pavel Machek wrote:
>>>> Hi!
>>>>>> On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 11:41:35AM +0200, Pavel Machek wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Aug 6 11:00:10 amd kernel: ACPI: Critical trip point
>>>>>>>>> Aug 6 11:00:10 amd kernel: Critical temperature reached (128 C),
>>>>>>>>> shutting down.
>>>>>>>>> Aug 6 11:00:10 amd shutdown[24414]: shutting down for system halt
>>>>>>>>> ...and machine went down at that point :-(.
>>>>>>>> I hope you can easily reproduce it?
>>>>>>>> So it's new in 2.6.27rc1 and wasn't in 2.6.26? Can you please
>>>>>>> Yes, I'm very sure. It makes machine basically unusable.
>>>>>> Does this mean you can easily reproduce it?
>>>>>> Please do a bisect then.
>>>>>>> Not that one :-(. Thinkpad does not even have fan device: it is
>>>>>>> controlled by hardware.
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I see exactly the same on my x60s, but during upgrade to
>>>> Are you sure?
>>> yes. maybe some userspace tool controlling frequency is involved, no idea yet.
>>> But it is 2.6.26 tree for sure.
>> So it definitely is in, and it definitely is in 2.6.26?

The bug is _not_ in 2.6.26, it was introduced in

The problem is, that now the CPU frequency doesn't decrease at some
temperature level and fan is unable to cool it properly.

bisect on 2.6.26.y tree finished in this patch:
(I expect similar patch in 2.6.27-rc)

commit 04f496871e8af87a1e40c504371a206fd7389193
Author: Thomas Renninger <>
Date: Wed Jul 30 18:20:10 2008 +0000

cpufreq acpi: only call _PPC after cpufreq ACPI init funcs got called already

commit a1531acd43310a7e4571d52e8846640667f4c74b upstream

Ingo Molnar provided a fix to not call _PPC at processor driver
initialization time in "[PATCH] ACPI: fix cpufreq regression" (git
commit e4233dec749a3519069d9390561b5636a75c7579)

But it can still happen that _PPC is called at processor driver
initialization time.

This patch should make sure that this is not possible anymore.

That seems strange to me... please could anyone verify that it
on some other x60?


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