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SubjectRe: cpufreq doesn't seem to work in Intel Q9300
>> Yakui, Did you actually check if the above was true?
> Yes. There is no definition of _PSS,_PCT,_PPC in DSDT table, which are
> required by acpi_cpufreq driver.At the same time there is no extra SSDT
> table.

So what's the significance of "no extra SSDT table"? Does that mean that XP
and Linux are using the same tables to check for freq scaling support?

> The driver is P4-clockmod, which is located in the directory of
> arch/x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq

Thanks. I just looked at the kernel (what's the term used
in lkml for this?) and found out the switch.
I got the kernel compiled with the .config used for the F9
kernel. Now I need figure out how to get it to boot.

Btw, on your suggestion, I opened a bug for this issue.

Does the LKML community consider the Fedora 9 kernels as too different?
I would prefer using the F9 kernel for testing this issue since it's
easier for me to compile and install.

I got some important stuff to deal with for the next couple of days.
So I will get back on this thread in 2-4 days.


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