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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 1/1] cxgb3i: cxgb3 iSCSI initiator
    >  - It doesn't work in theory, because the suggestion (I guess) is that
    > the iSCSI HBA has its own MAC and IP and behaves like a separate

    The iSCSI HBA is its own system - that is the root of the problem.

    > system. But this means that to start with the HBA needs its own ARP,
    > ICMP, routing, etc interface, which means we need some (probably new)
    > interface to configure all of this. And then it doesn't work in lots

    Its another system so surely SNMP ;)

    More seriously I do think iSCSI is actually a subtly special case of TOE.
    Most TOE disintegrates under carefully chosen "malicious" workloads
    because of the way it is optimised, and the lack of security integration
    ranges can be very very dangeorus. A pure iSCSI connection is generally
    private, single purpose and really is the classic application of "pigs fly
    given enough thrust" - which is the only way to make the pig in question
    (iSCSI) work properly.

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