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Subject[PATCH 00/43] dyn_array/nr_irqs/sparse_irq support v7
Please check dyn_array support for x86
v3: split changing to nr_irqs to small patches
fix checkpatch error
reorder the patch sequence to make dyn_array support go at first
so could use that with arrays other than NR_IRQS

v4: add CONFIG_HAVE_SPARSE_IRQ with list to use condensed irq_desc array
so could use 32 init, and init more if needed.
x86 32bit: have CONFIG_HAVE_DYN_ARRAY

v5: apply alan cox patch with NR_IRQS for serial at first
seperate irq_descX with irq_descX_free, so could use -1U as valid irq
expand /proc/interrupts to process > nr_irqs
hook irq_2_iommu to irq_desc
more other arch irq_desc[] to irq_desc(), and kstat_cpu().irqs[] to kstat_irqs_cpu..

v6: fixed checkpatch errors.., only left warning about lines > 80 chars.
put Eric's patch about NR_IRQS at first

v7: according to Eric, need to take care of that some arch doesn't use generic_hardirqs
reorder some sequence, squash some patches into previous to make patchset bisectable.

based on tip/master

to do:
so dyn irq_desc is done, and ready to:
make create_irq to get irq according to bus/dev/func/vector


Yinghai Lu

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