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SubjectRe: amd64 sata_nv (massive) memory corruption
2008/8/1 John Stoffel <>:

> Linas> -- system is amd64 dual core, ASUS M2N-E mobo, 4GB RAM
> Linas> Northbridge is nVidia Corporation MCP55 Memory Controller
> Linas> (rev a3)
> Are you running the latest BIOS? As I recall, my motherboard is an
> M2N-SLI Deluxe, which is slightly different from yours.

Its recent. I bought the thing only some number of months ago.
The basic mobo design is 2-3 years old, though, its not bleeding edge,
it was meant to be a conservative, stable, functional choice.
I'd hope that they'd have things like this debugged by now. Sigh.

> Linas> Also of note:
> Linas> -- problem was observed earlier, when system had 3GB RAM in it.
> What did you do to upgrade to 4gb of ram? Just pull the second pair
> of 512mb DIMMs and put in fresh 1gb DIMMs? I've got a pair of 2gb
> DIMMs in my box. I suspect you are seeing memory problems of some
> sort.

No See other email. memtest86 passes fine, the system has been in
heavy use as a compute server on large datasets. No problems at all,
spotless record. I've beeb manipulating multi-gigabyte files just fine
on the IDE disk, without any corruption at all. I can move them
around on NFS, too. They only get corrupted in the SATA disk,
where its immediate and widespread, and takes less than a minute
to occur.

> Next, I'd upgraded the BIOS to the latest release, and then reset the
> BIOS to the factory default or safe settings to see if that helps.

I'll give tht a whirl. Bios settings are still at factory defaults, I had no
reason to mess with them.


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