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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/11] x86/pci 32/64 bit merge

* Robert Richter <> wrote:

> This patch series merges the x86/pci code. It's relative to
> tip/x86/cpu since there are already changes that touch pci code.
> I reworked parts of the subsys_initcalls to remove Makefile object
> order dependencies. The kernel reboots for acpi/noacpi, smp/nosmp,
> 32/64 bit. It compiles for numaq and visws (I don't have hardware
> available for this configurations, so please test these configs if you
> have hardware available).
> There is still some work to do in arch/x86/pci/amd_bus.c and for
> mmconfig.

Robert, since this series interacts quite a bit with other bits in
tip/x86/* i've merged it up into a new topic: tip/x86/unify-pci and
started testing it:

Robert Richter (11):
x86/pci: Makefile merge: Removing Makefile_*
x86/pci: Makefile merge: removing include dir flag
x86/pci: Makefile merge: whitespace changes only
x86/pci: Makefile merge: decoupling options for mp_bus_to_node.o
x86/pci: Makefile merge: changing 64bit ordering
x86/pci: Makefile merge: creating pci-y for 64 bit
x86/pci: mp_bus_to_node merge: moving code in amd_bus.c
x86/pci: merge: moving mp_bus_to_node.c to amd_bus.c
x86/pci: Makefile merge: coalescing 32 and 64 bit
x86/pci: visws: renaming pcibios_init()
x86/pci: removing subsys_initcall ordering dependencies

You can have a look by pulling this branch into a -git based tree:

git-pull git:// x86/unify-pci


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