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SubjectRe: [RFC 00/15] x86_64: Optimize percpu accesses
On Wed, 09 Jul 2008 13:00:19 -0700 (Eric W. Biederman) wrote:

> I just took a quick look at how stack_protector works on x86_64.
> Unless there is some deep kernel magic that changes the segment
> register to %gs from the ABI specified %fs CC_STACKPROTECTOR is
> totally broken on x86_64. We access our pda through %gs.

and so does gcc in kernel mode.

> Further -fstack-protector-all only seems to detect against buffer
> overflows and thus corruption of the stack. Not stack overflows. So
> it doesn't appear especially useful.

stopping buffer overflows and other return address corruption is not
useful? Excuse me?

> So we don't we kill the broken CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR. Stop trying
> to figure out how to use a zero based percpu area.

So why don't we NOT do that and fix instead what you're trying to do?

> That should allow us to make the current pda a per cpu variable, and
> use %gs with a large offset to access the per cpu area.

and what does that gain us?

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