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SubjectRe: [RFC 00/15] x86_64: Optimize percpu accesses
H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Did the suspected linker bug issue ever get resolved?
> -hpa

Hi Peter,

I was not able to figure out how the two versions of the same
kernel compiled by gcc-4.2.0 and gcc-4.2.4 differed. Currently,
I'm sticking with gcc-4.2.4 as it boots much farther.

There still is a problem where if I bump THREAD_ORDER, the
problem goes away and everything so far that I've tested boots
up fine.

We tried to install a later gcc (4.3.1) that might have the
"GCC_HAS_SP" flag but our sys admin reported:

The 4.3.1 version gives me errors on the make. I had to
pre-install gmp and mpfr, but, I still get errors on the make.

I think that was the latest he found on the GNU/GCC site.


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