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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00 of 55] xen64: implement 64-bit Xen support
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> thanks Jeremy, applied.
> Since they depend on the generic-ipi infrastructure changes, i've
> created a separate, new tip/xen-64bit branch. The tip/x86/xen-64bit got
> merged into tip/x86/core and thus is headed for upstream. I have added
> your patches to the new topic branch - see the shortlog further below.

Speaking of generic-ipi, did you see the bugfix I posted for
generic_smp_function_interrupt the other day?

I'm also seeing bad pointer dereferences in
generic_smp_function_interrupt with some kernel configurations, which
look like RCU failures (either oopses on following the next pointer in
the list, or a bad function pointer for the call). Other kernel configs
are completely stable. I haven't identified what the difference between
working and not working is yet.

>> Following that are the Xen-specific changes to implement 64-bit
>> support. It works fairly well, but I know of a couple of bugs:
>> - 32-bit emulation doesn't work properly yet. Something goes wrong
>> with %gs, and a userspace %gs: reference segfaults.
>> - It crashes when bringing up secondary CPUs under some combinations
>> of config. I think it isn't quite setting up all the CPU sibling
>> topology stuff for the various scheduler policies. It's trying to
>> set up the most simple of arrangements (every CPU is a singleton
>> with no shared cache or anything else). It was quite tricky to
>> arrange this...
>> I hope to have followup patches to address both of these in the next
>> couple of days. I expect both fixes will be small.
> that's OK, it should only affect 64-bit Xen, correct?

Yep. And if you avoid those two problem areas, it all seems pretty
stable (16 vcpu kernbench runs with no problems, etc).

> Right now we need to get the generic impact of these patches tested,
> fixes to xen64 functionality can be done later on in an add-on manner.
> Testing: i've done a trial merge of tip/xen-64bit to tip/master - not
> pushed out yet. If it holds up in testing i'll put the integration rule
> into tip/master.
> tip/xen-64bit (which i've just pushed out) can be cleanly git-merged
> into tip/master, so if you send updates then please send it against such
> a merged tree - even if tip/master does not have tip/xen-64bit yet.
> These patches will need at least half a day of testing before i can push
> them out.

OK, thanks.


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