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SubjectRe: [patch 0/17] Series to introduce WARN()... a WARN_ON() variant that takes printk arguments

* Andrew Morton <> wrote:

> > > The first few patches have been in -mm for a long time; the later
> > > ones are newer and introduce more users of WARN().
> >
> > i've created a new -git based topic branch in tip/core/warn-API and
> > picked up your patches:
> um, why?
> If you merge this into linux-next then it will trash already-merged
> patches in -mm and, more particularly, it will trash other trees which
> you aren't looking at, causing Stephen problems.

no, i didnt plan to push this towards linux-next - given the broad
consensus and given the wide spread of the changes.

I wanted to wait with this until the end of the merge window and keep it
tested and merged up nicely. I.e. zero maintenance overhead to

> The way to merge this code is to get the base patches into mainline
> and then trickle the dependent patches into subsystem trees, or direct
> into mainline after the subsystem trees have merged, and with suitable
> acks.
> You aren't set up to do that?

i think it's better to just go through the merge window i believe, and
then do this atomically in one correct and tested step, when all
subsystem trees are at their minimum size and there's virtually no

Note that this situation is special: this is a patchset that has
virtually no functionality side-effects, and hence can be done 100%
correctly, i thought the atomic step was the right approach.

For anything semantically meaningful i too would do the spread-out
gradual approach (and i'm presently doing that for a number of topics).

But if you'd like to do this the spread-out way then sure, and i will
drop this tree. ( if you do that then please import the commits from
tip/core/warn-API, i fixed a couple of of typos in the commit messages
and did some merging and extensions as well. The tree also passed a fair
amount of testing meanwhile as well. )

Anyway, your call.


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