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SubjectRe: FW: [Fwd: [PATCH]Using Intel CRC32 instruction to implement hardware accelerated CRC32c algorithm.]
Thanks, Herbert, see my reply as below.
> 1) Utilise the brand new crypto ahash interface (note that it's
When you mentioned ahash, can you give a explanation on it?
The brand new crypto interface is different with crypto/api?
> designed to support sync just as well as async despite the name)
Do you mean use async_xxx interface?
> to rewrite the crypto/crc32c implementation such that one tfm can
> be used by multiple users. All that has to be done is to move
> the state from the tfm into the request object.

> 2) Convert all crc32c users to use the crypto interface and phase
> out lib/crc32c completely.
> 3) Add the Intel-specific crc32c implementation through the crypto
> API.
Agreed. And which module in crypto is the template for following the crypto API?

> That way none of this iffy testing will be necessary. Even better,
> most users can share one common tfm and therefore there will only
> be one test for the CPU flag at boot time rather than every time
> it's used.
> In fact, we could even skip 2) and reimplement lib/crc32c as a
> wrapper on the crypto crc32c interface with a shared tfm so you
> don't need to modify its existing users.
Good idea.
> Cheers,

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