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SubjectRe: Dangerous code in cpumask_of_cpu?

[ fixed christoph's address in cc]

Johannes Weiner <> writes:

>> I guess because we dereference it immediately again, the location is not
>> clobbered yet. At least in my test case, gcc assembled it to code that
>> puts the address in eax and derefences it immediately, before eax is
>> reused:
> Gee, just ignore this bs. The address is in eax, not the value.

My theory was half-right. Since the code is a macro, there is no call
and hence no stack clean-up. And although it is UB, it works correctly
as the value is not yet clobbered when we access it again. Converting
foo to a macro yields this:

movl $42, -8(%ebp)
leal -8(%ebp), %eax
movl (%eax), %eax

gcc only emits a warning if the scope we leak a local address from is
that of a function.


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