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SubjectRe: git pull through http / git
Nicolas Ferre wrote:
> J.H. :
>> Keep in mind uses caching on gitweb and thus gitweb itself is
>> not necessarily accurate / up to date. also round-robins
>> across 4 machines which may be in various states of update, so your
>> fundamentally looking at a number of different possible points that may
>> be slightly out of sync with each other.
> Ok, I understand.
> I am talking about a 3 days old commit. Is this normal to have no update
> from the http side ?
> I yes, I will wait...

You're trying to do a git pull via http (as opposed to gitweb)? Then
that is dependent on the owner of the repository having enabled
"git update-server-info".

Overall, avoid pulling git via http. It's just plain broken.


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