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SubjectRe: microblaze v5: Status message
Hi All,

I found the next two issues which are not in this pack.
First one is removing kvm.h from asm-microblaze
and second one is bad number of syscalls in unistd.h
I fixed it in my repo. Please do not report these two bugs.


Hi All,

here is microblaze_v5 set of patches with initial port
for Microblaze CPU. I did some changes which was reported
to me. Please check your reported changes if there are in the pack.

The patches are also available at (linux-microblaze.git
master branch).

I got ACK from Steve Neuendorffer (xilinx guy) for this pack.

Changes in v5 pack:
Add new dts v1 file
clean autoconf.h and remove a.out.h
remove internal.h library
fix headers - add one definition
remove dependency on asm/semaphore.h
Clean make headers_check dependency
Fix Kconfig issue
Remove macros DEFINE and BLANK from asm-offsets.c
Move asm code from asm-generic checksum.h
Clean process for enabling possibility to use smp with MB
Clean platform folder to generic dts
current config file
Clean ptrace for generic use
Clean cmdline handling
Fix traps.c

Thanks for your comments and ACKs. I'll add them to patches.

Best regards,
Michal Simek

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