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SubjectRe: Check for BIOS bugs - Original Subject: Re: [PATCH 23/70] ACPICA: Workaround for reversed _PRT entries from BIOS
Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
>>> Some BIOSs erroneously reverse the _PRT SourceName and the
>>> SourceIndex. Detect and repair this problem. MS ACPI also allows
>>> and repairs this problem, thus ACPICA must also.
>> It would be great to have an interface to report this as a BIOS defect.
>> Something like:
>> FIRMWARE_BUG_ON(FIRM_WARN, "erroneously reversed the _PRT source_name", ACPI_
>> Bug);
>> FIRMWARE_BUG_ON(severity, description, component);
> Yes, please.
> I'd also like HARDWARE_BUG_ON(), with similar usage.
> With all the preload-linux-on-foo project, we have some chance to make
> BIOS vendors fix their stuff if we can easily diagnose errors in
> there.

also we can tie this to to make a list of top known firmware/hardware bugs, seperate from the kernel code bugs

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