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SubjectRe: AZFS file system proposal
On Monday 07 July 2008, Maxim Shchetynin wrote:
> > > +           if (copy_to_user(target, (void*) pin, size)) {
> > > +                   rc = -EFAULT;
> > > +                   goto out;
> > > +           }
> >
> > Question to the powerpc folks: is copy_to_user safe for an __iomem source?
> > Should there be two copies (memcpy_fromio and copy_to_user) instead?
> I leave this question open.

Cc:'ing some more people that might have more of a clue on this question.
_memcpy_fromio does a "sync" at the start and an "eieio" at the end.
IFAICT, neither are needed here because the source is always memory.

It also handles unaligned memory accesses, which copy_to_user should
also do correctly, so it *looks* like it should work with just a
copy_to_user, but it still feels wrong to use an __iomem pointer
as the source for a copy_to_user.

Any ideas?

Arnd <><
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