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Subject[PATCH 0/3] Genclk: generic framework for clocks managing [v3.1]

This is again a set of patches to unify the management of clocks and
allow easy registration and unregistration of them. This is neccessary
to cleanly support such devices as toshiba mobile companion chips,
sa1111 companion, ASIC3 companion, etc. Also it brings code unification,
especially for a lot of arm sub-arches which share nearly the same code.

Changes from the previous patchset:
* Change the name as requested by Ben: clocklib -> generic clk (genclk)
* Move from lib/clocklib.c to kernel/genclk/*
* Fix locking in generic code

* Rebase PXA patch to the current Russell's tree.
* Interlock access to CKEN registers on PXA.

With best wishes

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