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    SubjectRe: Spinlocks: Factor our GENERIC_LOCKBREAK in order to avoid spin with irqs disable
    Nick Piggin wrote:
    > Although, you wouldn't need to oversubscribe physical CPUs to hit
    > suboptimal behaviour.
    > Basically, I just ask for performance improvement to be measured
    > with some "realistic" configuration, then it should be easier to
    > justify.

    Overcommitting cpus system-wide is pretty common. A use-case is
    consolidating a pile of underused non-performance-critical servers into
    one physical machine with a lot of VMs. It doesn't take much load to
    cause a dhcp request to the dhcp server to steal a cpu away from the
    mysql server while it holds a lock...

    I'll mail out my patches so we can have a more concrete discussion shortly.


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