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SubjectRe: 463 kernel developers missing!
> No, but that all the submissions were made under the GPL, whose explicit purpose is to allow information to be changed, processed, and reused for other purposes does.

So why hasn't Jon included a copy of the GPL and the sources with his new
data set ?

> If you don't want your submissions to be in the public record for all eternity to be used for any lawful purpose, don't make them to a GPL project.

The GPL doesn't trump data protection law. It can't.

> You have no right whatsoever to look at how one person chooses to use them and say "I didn't agree to that". Yes, you did. You gave up the right to approve or reject each use when you made the submission. If you don't like it, submit under some other license.

Disagree - firstly national law trumps licences, secondly there is the
(regrettably increasingly) small matter of manners.


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