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SubjectRe: 463 kernel developers missing!

First, please note that my name and addresses are _in_ the list published
by Jon.

On Wed, 30 Jul 2008 14:43:12 +0200
Rene Herman <> wrote:

> On 30-07-08 09:24, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> > Whether Jon's patch is a good idea one might discuss
> <discussion>it is not</discussion>

And you dare using <discussion> ? Where is this a discussion ?

> > but as soon as someone puts an email address into a kernel commit
> > Google will anyway find it:
> It will and note this is not a privacy issue "as such" at least for me
> (for rmk rewriting addresses is a privacy issue, directly or via law,
> and whether or not needed in this specific example or not)
> Then Jon comes along, puts _all_ addresses in content inside a hugely
> publicized, widely web-indexed tree and fucks it up.
> Anyways... yesterday I had to turn the fan on my monitor to keep it from
> damage in this bloody furnace while today it's some 5 degrees cooler and
> the fan's aimed at me again so I'll stop cursing and shouting now. But
> still a damn bad idea.

Sorry, I don't agree. First, because using Google to collect a list of emails
is damn easy, and wether this list is handy or not is not changing for people
using it for Spam.
Second, because it takes just a few seconds to extract it nearly as complete
as Jon's version from git : git log | grep Author: | sort | uniq -c
gives something very useful : about 5800 emails. So let's not consider Jon is
saving a complicated job for people searching for this list.

Linux is an open project. Everything that's related to it is open, and public.
If you don't want your name/email to be associated with it, that's another

We could blame Jon for publishing the his list on the list without prior
information, but not for creating it.
And I certainly would like to see the .mailmap appear at my next git pull ;)


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