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    Subject[PATCH 0/2] sched: misc fixes for stable-25.y and 25-rt
    Hi Ingo, Steven, Peter,
    I found a few minor issues w.r.t. the CFS load values during a few
    dequeue/enqueue operations in the 2.6.25 kernel. I found these via
    code review as opposed to observing a bug in the field. I believe
    at least the first issue is already fixed in 26-rcx. I have
    confirmed that the issue is present in both 25.8-rt7 as well as
    stable- These patches are against 25.8-rt7, though they
    should apply trivially to stable as well. Please consider for
    inclusion in the next -rt if the -stable team does not pick them up

    Stable team,
    Please consider these patches for 25.11 (assuming the appropriate acks
    from Ingo et. al. are recieved) though I do not believe they are
    considered significant risks and are therefore not urgent.

    Feedback welcome..


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