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SubjectRe: tcp/ip connect on demand
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> On Thursday 2008-07-03 20:28, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>> Jens-Michael Hoffmann wrote:
>>> hi,
>>> what is the right way to implement a "connect on demand" feature?
>>> Example: user types url in firefox and presses return. Then
>>> the system should set up network devices and proceed as usual.
>>> Is there a hook in the kernel we can use?
>> In the kernel, no. Nor do you need one; the best place to hook into this is
>> probably the name service system (so you catch it on trying to look up
>> hostnames.)
>> Alternatively, you can set up a bridge device which you can listen to via a tap
>> device; when you see traffic, you bring up the real network and attach it to
>> the bridge.
> There is on-demand for PPP devices; though that is probably specific
> to PPP.

Yes, those monitor traffic at the PPP device port, I believe.


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