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SubjectRe: WARNING at acpi/.../utmisc.c:1043 [Was: 2.6.26-rc8-mm1]
Jiri Slaby wrote:
> Andrew Morton napsal(a):
> Running this in qemu shows up these 3 warnings while booting (It's
> tainted due to previous MTRR warning which was there for ever):
> PCI: Using configuration type 1 for base access
> ------------[ cut here ]------------
> WARNING: at /home/latest/xxx/drivers/acpi/utilities/utmisc.c:1043

Not sure where that is coming from. My tree and my copy of linux-next
doesn't have a WARN_ON in this function.

Anyways, I assume you always saw this message right?

> ACPI Exception (evxface-0645): AE_BAD_PARAMETER, Installing notify
> handler failed [20080609]
> ACPI: Interpreter enabled

And the only thing new is the backtrace right?

Similar with the other messages. If you ignore the backtraces
is there any difference?


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