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SubjectRe: b43 locks the machine when resuming after suspend to disk
On Thu, 3 Jul 2008, Johannes Berg wrote:

> This seems very odd though, Giacomo, are you sure it also happens if you
> unload the module?

yes, absolutely (unfortunately). I can unload the module before suspending,
reload it after resuming, same result; I can actually do any number of
suspend/resumes, unload and reload the modules any number of times,
everything still works until I try to ifconfig up the interface, then it
hangs solid. I also tried old-style suspend to disk, suspend2, user-space
suspend... exactly the same.

I am now compining a kernel with the patch you sent, to see whether this
improves things. I will let you know. By the way, is there a module
debugging option I could use to cause the b43 and/or mac80211 modules to use
lots of printk's, so that I could at least give you a hint as to where the
code hangs?

Thanks, bye

P.S. please CC replies to me, I'm not on the list(s)


Giacomo Mulas <>

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Tel. (UNICA): +39 070 675 4916

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(Freddy Mercury)

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