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SubjectRe: kernel won't boot on a Cyrix MediaGXm (Geode )
On Montag, 28. Juli 2008, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Samuel Sieb <> wrote:
> >> The only critical tweak I found is the one that changes the
> >> "Performance Control Incrementer" because its settings depends on the
> >> CPU's core frequency. Maybe this tweak should be removed, because the
> >> BIOS (hopefully) set it in a way the hardware supports.
> >
> > This was the only line that was a problem. See the other branch of
> > this thread with Juergen Beisert.
> any patch we should pick up to make your box boot?

We could simply delete the lines that change the incrementor setup (in the
hope the BIOS did it in a correct way).
Or we need access to the stepping number of the CPU (my old Media GX datasheet
tells me, you can enable or disable a "Performance Control Incrementer" in
this device, but there are no bits to set different increment values) and the
core CPU clock speed (on Geode GX CPUs you can enable and disable
the "Performance Control Incrementer" and - when enabled - you also must
setup a correct increment value according to the core CPU clock).


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