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Subject[PATCH 0/30] W1: w1 core fixes, ds2490 updates, strong pullup
What follows is a long list of fixes and enhancements to the one wire
system, and even some documentation.

I no longer have any deadlocks, a thread was eliminated (along with
its one second wakeup interval), the cpu and time overhead are much
reduced for one wire accesses. The time for the ds2490 to read a
temperature sensor went from 3.91 seconds (.002s user, 3.001s system)
to 0.860 seconds (0.004s user, 0.004s system). I also added support
for the strong pullup to provide more current when requested.

Note, only the documentation patch 29 differs from the previous set of
patches sent July 11th.

David Fries <> (PGP encryption key available)
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