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    Subjecthow about a massive reorg of the "Kernel hacking" submenu?

    this bit of whining is inspired by the observation that the "Kernel
    hacking" submenu (at least under x86) has become ridiculously long and
    seems only partially ordered by topic. so some thoughts.

    first, rename it from "Kernel hacking" to "Kernel debugging" since,
    well, pretty much *everything* you can do with "make *config" can be
    considered "hacking" so that submenu title isn't particularly
    informative. and once that's done, really make it related to
    exclusively debugging selections, which has some implications.

    first, debugging content from elsewhere should be shifted under
    here, such as "kprobes" and "markers" which currently reside under
    "General setup," which seems a bit odd. and perhaps all
    profiling-related selections could be moved here as well. (BTW, is
    "Profiling support" really still EXPERIMENTAL? just curious.)

    at the same time, some stuff could be moved *out* from under "Kernel
    hacking," such as "Sample kernel code." right now, it's buried
    partway down the hacking selection list, but i think it's useful
    enough to deserve its own top-level entry at the bottom of the menu.
    and if it's more prominent, that would encourage more people to write
    code samples, as opposed to having that selection buried in the
    Hacking/Debugging submenu where people might not even see it. (and
    being able to build sample kernel code really has nothing to do with
    debugging, anyway.)

    anyway, just some random thoughts from an early saturday morning
    at OLS 2008, waiting for someone to show up and turn on the
    $^$(*&^#)*^_# wireless.


    p.s. it should go without saying that it would be nice for a newer
    "Kernel debugging" submenu to collect related topics into subsubmenus
    to shorten what's there, like perhaps having a single selection to
    debug all mutex/spinlock-related stuff, that sort of thing. the
    current layout *desperately* needs some subsubmenus for readability.
    or at least a few comments to break things up.


    Robert P. J. Day
    Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry:
    Have classroom, will lecture. Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

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