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SubjectRe: 2.6.26-mmotm-0724 - linux-next.git loses /proc/sys/fs/quota, breaks disk quotas
 > I've bisected through Linus' tree more than once - ISTR that there was
> some special funkiness in dealing with trying to bisect through linux-next
> because the tree gets redone every night.

> If it *was* as easy as Linus's tree to bisect, I'd go ahead and do it.

For a single day's linux-next tree, it should be just like Linus's
tree... just clone


and bisect as usual.

The funkiness is that if you say, "linux-next from July 24 worked,
linux-next from July 25 didn't," then it's pretty much hopeless, exactly
because those two trees were built independently.

- R.

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