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SubjectRe: [Bisected] Regression: Hang on boot in schedule_timeout_interruptible during ACPI init on SMP
I just discovered; the nolapic_timer parameter causes the problem to go away 
entirely. It doesn't seem to have any nasty side effects, so I'm content to use
it. Looking at the dmesg logs, however, I notice that the "last-good" kernel
doesn't even try to use the LAPIC timer, but the "first-bad" does. I wasn't able
to track down any discernible reason.

On a side note, that's the first I've ever heard/seen of that parameter, I tried
it because I noticed the problems started when the LAPIC timer was successfully
set up. I doubt the average user would notice this (you can't even tell unless
you pass apic=debug), so I doubt many others would discover this fix/workaround.

The question remains, though, why did it go from "don't try" to "try"?



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