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SubjectRe: please revert commit 53f1b1433da7eac2607a4a0898a221a4485fd732 (rtc: push the BKL down into the driver ioctl method)
On Fri, 25 Jul 2008 22:26:38 +0800
"Jeff Chua" <> wrote:

> 53f1b1433da7eac2607a4a0898a221a4485fd732 is first bad commit
> commit 53f1b1433da7eac2607a4a0898a221a4485fd732
> Author: Alan Cox <>
> Date: Wed Jul 23 21:30:32 2008 -0700
> rtc: push the BKL down into the driver ioctl method
> This commit is breaking vmware-6.0.4. Upon booting linux (guest) on
> vmware, the whole vmware environment crashed

Having reviewed the patch and the trace I believe you need to take this
up with vmware. All the patch does is slightly alter where the locking is
done. I suspect vmware are blindly calling into the rtc_fops ioctl method
directly in which case they just got burned.

One way to check this would be to add a .ioctl method back which was

printk("VMWare caught with pants down\n");

if it prints that instead of or while crashing you know who is guilty.


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