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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] ACPI BIOS Guideline for Linux
On Friday 25 July 2008 01:47:04 Len Brown wrote:
> It is not an ACPI specification violation that Linux
> (and ACPICA) claim compatibility with the interfaces
> advertised by one or multiple versions of Windows.
> Yes, there are be cases where BIOS vendors will want
> to know if the running version of Linux supports,
> or does not support, an interface/feature.

> We (the Linux community that maintain Linux/ACPI) are
> eager to support them in this. However, the interface
> needs to be sufficiently defined so that we know when
> to _not_ advertise that feature.
> eg. There are proposals for
> _OSI("Linux-Needs ATI S3 video re-POST")
> _OSI("Linux-Needs NVIDIA S3 video re-POST")
> _OSI("Linux-Native IPMI Support")

Please add me to CC as soon as you agreed to something and
I'll pick those up.



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