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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Traffic control cgroups subsystem
    On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 7:45 PM, Thomas Graf <> wrote:
    > It might have been easier to simply write a classifier which maps pids
    > to classes. The interface could be as simple as two nested attributes,
    > ADD_MAPS, REMOVE_MAPS which both take lists of pid->class mappings to
    > either add or remove from the classifier.

    You mean as processes fork/exit or move between cgroups you have to
    update the pid->class mappings in the kernel's filter? That sounds way
    too fragile to me.

    > I have been working on this over the past 2 weeks, it includes the
    > classifier as just stated, a cgroup module which sends notifications
    > about events

    What types of events? We discussed how to send cgroup notifications to
    userspace in the containers mini-summit on Tuesday. Netlink was one of
    the options discussed, but suffers from the problem that netlink
    sockets are tied to a particular network namespaces. The solution that
    seemed most favoured was to have pollable cgroup control files that
    represent events (and optionally support event data via a fifo).

    > as netlink messages and a daemon which creates qdiscs,
    > classes and filters on the fly according to the configured distribution.

    > It works both ingress (with some tricks) and egress.
    > IMHO, there is no point in a cgroup interface if the user has to create
    > qdiscs, classes and filters manually anyway.

    The user can use whatever middleware they want (e.g. your daemon,
    libcg, etc) to set up qdiscs and classes. I don't think that requiring
    any particular userspace implementation is the right way to go. The
    point of this patch was to provide a minimal way to tag
    sockets/packets as belonging to a particular cgroup, in order to make
    use of the existing traffic controll APIs.


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