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    SubjectRe: [spi-devel-general] [Patch 0/4] IndustrialIO subsystem (ADCs, accelerometers etc)
    hat done for the next
    >> version (maybe driver specific for now).
    > Yes, on a second though, this is a low priority point. If userspace is
    > able to know if the hardware has or not freefall detection, it should be
    > possible to just implement the software detection in the userspace
    > daemon. People might come up with lots of "clever" algorithms for that,
    > so it might be better to not do too much in the kernel ;-)
    Good point; will leave that one for now.

    >> At the moment the big missing element of the subsystem is an easy way of
    >> querying what is there. (proc interface similar to that for the input
    >> subsystem)
    > You mean /sys/class/input/, right? Indeed, something inspired by the
    > input subsystem should work well.
    No, I meant /proc/bus/input/devices which gives machine readable description
    of all devices registered with the input subsystem and their capabilities.

    Makes it easier to make userspace code reasonably generic.


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