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    SubjectRe: [patch 1/3] fastboot: Create a "asynchronous" initlevel
    On 20-07-08 13:10, Arjan van de Ven wrote:

    > On Sun, 20 Jul 2008 09:23:31 +0200
    > Rene Herman <> wrote:
    >> Yes, I see. Unfortunately, WITH your patches, driver_probe_done()
    >> would also no longer be safe when run from a late_initcall() it would
    >> appear.
    > true for now (but see below)
    >> I have the sneaking suspicion that this is a bit of a fundamental
    >> issue. Turning some of the driver level (6) async basicaly removes
    >> the ordering between drivers and late_initcall (level 7).
    > I was hoping to not need this ordering.

    May have found an issue with 3/3 for this same reason. You make the ACPI
    button driver async but acpi_wakeup_device_init() is a late_initcall and
    comments that it interacts with the button driver.

    The button driver could be a module so a complete reversal of ordering
    between acpi_wakeup_device() and acpi_button_init() might in itself not
    be a problem (undeterministic order even with the button driver builtin
    might be undesireable I guess) but ...

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe your patch implies that we could
    be racing between acpi_wakeup_device() and acpi_button_init()? If yes,
    do bad things happen when we race checking dev->wakeup.state.enabled?

    As far as I can see, the acpi_device_lock isn't serialising here so if
    we have just done the acpi_enable_gpe() in acpi_button_add() but haven't
    set the enabled flag yet we could do it again here it seems.

    The ACPI button driver doesn't appear to have a specific maintainer and
    Len Brown was on vacation I believe but this would ideally like a
    comment from that side...

    >> I trust it will completely and utterly destroy the point of this
    >> patch to flush level 6a before starting level 7?
    > Thankfully it doesn't destroy it, the reason for this is that level 6
    > itself tends to take long enough to get benefits. It's just that if we
    > can get both 6 and 7 it's nicer. But if we end up needing to sync, so
    > be it.

    I worry...

    > Note: syncing on a driver_probe_done() from level 7 is not going to be
    > pretty (think "multi-second extra boot time).
    > Part of me wants to only sync level 6a from the first
    > driver_probe_done() so that only people who already pay these extra
    > seconds suffer this one as well ;-)

    Makes sense in this specific case. Generally, utility of late_initcall()
    does seem to be impacted by this. Unless you can be sure that every
    device you depend on is and always will be sync you might as well be
    device_initcall() yourself after all.

    Yes, I did note the bit about the endpoint probing already being async
    for example for USB but now you can't even be sure that it _started_
    meaning you also couldn't really devise some private synchronization
    mechanism either.


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