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SubjectRe: [PATCH] update kvm's anon_inodes.c for r/o bind mounts
Dave Hansen wrote:
> That also reminds me. kvm somehow has an outdated copy of
> anon_inodes.c. It needs to be updated for the r/o bind mount patches to
> add a proper mnt_want/drop_write(). Otherwise, you'll run into warnings
> about imbalanced mount writer counts. Something like this will do, but
> it would be best to just stay up to date with mainline for this kind of
> stuff.

Instead I changed the code to use the host's anon_inodes when
available. I also introduced a couple of bugs but the list fixed these
quickly. Thanks list!

I have a truly marvellous patch that fixes the bug which this
signature is too narrow to contain.

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