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SubjectRe: [PATCH] V4L: Link tuner before saa7134
On Jul 14, 6:00 am, hermann pitton <> wrote:
> #1 users can't set thetunertype anymore,
> but the few cases oftunerdetection from eeprom we have should
> work again for that price.


Any patch yet for above issue? It seems to have made it into 2.6.26.

I use saa7134 with everything, including the tuner modules, compiled
as a module. My card is detected as a flyvideo2000. The default tuner
for that card (#37) allows me to tune into TV but not to FM Radio. I
can access both functions (TV and FM Radio) if I override with
tuner=69, which is what I usually do. That override does not work on

Any suggestions?


B. Gitonga Marete
Tel: +254-722-151-590

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