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    SubjectRe: Please pull ACPI updates

    > It means that a person who ran my tree as of yesterday,

    Ok I understand this applies to your tree because you have lots of direct users.
    And also people tend to only submit patches to you which are relatively
    well tested already and don't really do "raw development" in your tree.

    But for people lower down the food chain that's not necessarily the
    case. They usually only get some testing through -mm/linux-next
    and perhaps occasionally for individual patches posted to verify
    bugs. They tend to not have many people directly pulling their stuff
    (and if it's someone it is some downstream developer who typically can deal
    with an occasional rebase)

    Anyways if you prefer I can send to you the raw development history
    (with all reverts, fixups, non bisectable section etc.), but I suspect
    you wouldn't really be very happy with that.


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