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SubjectRe: Please add ZFS support (from GPL sources)
On Thu, 17 Jul 2008 21:13:55 +0200
"Fred ." <> wrote:

> Previously we have not been able to have ZFS support due to it being
> licensed under the CDDL and the kernel under the GPL.
> Sun have contributed ZFS support to GRUB under the GPL license. We
> could now use that code to implement support for ZFS in the Linux
> kernel.

No we can't. The GPL ZFS bits don't include the various methods that
would violate the patent so there is no grant. I've several times asked
Sun to simply give permission and they don't even answer. I can only read
the Sun motiviation one way - they want to look open but know that ZFS is
about the only thing that might save Solaris as a product in the data
centre so are not truely prepared to let Linus use it.

This is now further complicated by the fact Sun and NetApp are in
litigation so ZFS is basically "toxic" for the moment and we'd need
permission from both sets of patent holders to proceed.


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