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    SubjectRe: xfs bug in 2.6.26-rc9
    On Monday 14 July 2008 22:13, Dave Chinner wrote:

    > Christoph and I were contemplating this problem with ->page_mkwrite
    > reecently. The problem is that we can't, right now, return an
    > EAGAIN-like error to ->page_mkwrite() and have it retry the
    > page fault. Other parts of the page faulting code can do this,
    > so it seems like a solvable problem.
    > The basic concept is that if we can return a EAGAIN result we can
    > try-lock the inode and hold the locks necessary to avoid this race
    > or prevent the page fault from dirtying the page until the
    > filesystem is unfrozen.
    > Added linux-mm to the cc list for discussion.

    It would be easily possible to do, yes.

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