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SubjectRe: [stable] Linux

On Tue, 15 Jul 2008, wrote:
> so guys (meaning not only Greg but Andrew, Linus, et al.), when will you
> publicly explain why you're covering up security impact of bugs? and even
> more importantly, when will you change your policy or bring your process
> in line with what you declared?

We went through this discussion a couple of weeks ago, and I had
absolutely zero interest in explaining it again.

I personally don't like embargoes. I don't think they work. That means
that I want to fix things asap. But that also means that there is never a
time when you can "let people know", except when it's not an issue any
more, at which point there is no _point_ in letting people know any more.

So I personally consider security bugs to be just "normal bugs". I don't
cover them up, but I also don't have any reason what-so-ever to think it's
a good idea to track them and announce them as something special.

So there is no "policy". Nor is it likely to change.


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