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SubjectRe: Performance Question: BUG_ON vs. WARN_ON_ONCE
On Sun, 13 Jul 2008 19:57:37 -0400
"Ryan Hope" <> wrote:

> However, this causes the kernel to crash or oops under certain loads.
> Reverting this change makes the error go away. Is there any sort of
> performance difference between BUG_ON and WARN_ON_ONCE, I figure the
> change was for a reason so I am wondering what will result from this
> change. Any info would be appreciated.
> -Ryan

Looks like WARN_ON_ONCE declares and uses a static int variable, so
it's not reentrant. It should be an atomic static. Still, I don't see
how this could crash the kernel or even oops, or have any other

Could you post the oops? Are you sure the oops you're seeing isn't just
what WARN_ON et al. regularly produce?


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