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SubjectRe: [PATCh] x86: overmapped fix when 4K pages on tail - 64bit
Andi Kleen wrote:
> First I was only commenting on one specific patch, nothing more.
> My point is full rounding to 4K on all corners is wasteful because the
> CPUs have to handle that case anyways and every split costs precious
> TLB entries in direct mapping accesses.

Well, the CPU *does* handle them... by splitting the larger pages into
smaller pages. They still end up in the small-page TLB, so there is no
real difference if done in the CPU or in software.

> And I might be old fashioned, but I still think minimizing TLB misses
> in the kernel is still quite important since the TLBs of modern x86
> CPUs are still comparatively small.
> btw that is why I was also quite disappointed that the new cpa eliminated
> reassembly. It means that on a long uptime system even with moderate
> traffic of CPA page allocation/free eventually the completely direct mapping
> will be all 4K. And there will be TLB miss galore on each system call
> when user space is TLB intensive.
> Ok in that light Yinghai's patch is perhaps not so bad after longer
> uptime in that scenario. Still performance directly after boot up is
> also something that shouldn't be ignored and I'm still hopefully that
> reassembly will be readded at some point anyways.

Memory state transitions are (fortunately) relatively rare and
long-lived, but of course having reassembly is a nice thing to have in
the long run. Such reassembly also would rather naturally handle any
small-page effects of boundary cases.


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