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    SubjectRe: current linux-2.6.git: cpusets completely broken

    On Sun, 13 Jul 2008, Ingo Molnar wrote:
    > mind sending Linus's patch as a completed patchset against tip/master
    > (or tip/sched/devel) so that we can do it in early v2.6.27?

    Note that my patch does need lots more eyes and more testing, since it
    needs to make sure that anything that depended on online_map and/or just
    on the scheduling domains now checks active_map instead (or in addition

    > i still think your cpusets.c fix is what we should do for v2.6.26, given
    > that there's agreement about how to fix it for real and thus in terms of
    > regression/bug risk your patch is lower-impact and CPU hotplug has been
    > broken for such a long time.

    Agreed. I've pulled it from your tree.


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