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Subject[patch 00/26] x64, x2apic/intr-remap: Interrupt-remapping and x2apic support
x2APIC architecture provides a new x2apic mode, which allows for the
increased range of processor addressability ( > 8 bit apic ID support),
MSR access to APIC registers, etc. x2apic specification can be found at
(located under )

Interrupt-remapping is part of Intel Virtualization Technology for
Directed I/O architecture and the specification can be found from
(above link seems to be broken for the moment, but in general it should be
found under )

Interrupt-remapping architecture enables extended Interrupt Mode on x86
platforms supporting 32-bit APIC-IDs. This infrastructure allows
the existing interrupt sources such as I/OxAPICs and MSI/MSI-X devices work
seamlessly with apic-id's > 8 bits. As such, this is a pre-requisite for
enabling x2apic mode in the CPU.

This patchset adds 64-bit support for interrupt-remapping and x2apic, which
introduces apic_ops for basic APIC ops(uncached memory Vs MSR accesses etc),
new irq_chip's for supporting interrupt-remapping and new genapic for
supporting IPI's, logical cluster/physical x2apic modes.

irq migration in the presence of interrupt-remapping is done from the
process-context as opposed to interrupt-context. Interrupt-remapping
infrastrucutre allows us to do this migration in a simple fashion (atleast for
edge triggered interrupts).

Interrupt-remapping (CONFIG_INTR_REMAP) and DMA-remapping (CONFIG_DMAR)
can be enabled separately.

More details in the individual patches that follow.

Signed-off-by: Suresh Siddha <>

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