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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: more header fixes

* Vegard Nossum <> wrote:

> > or perhaps we could include it in tip/master right now as well, if
> > you did another branch that excluded the files below. That would
> > make merging a lot easier - and we could do a second phase in
> > v2.6.27-rc1. Hm?
> I don't think we really need to resolve conflicts at all. What we can
> do is simply to re-run the scripts against tip/master whenever you
> want the update.

ok, lets do it that way.

> Also, by the way: Can -tip now be cloned with --shared to save space
> as long as I only have branches with references to commits in
> tip/master? Or is this still to be considered unsafe?

it's unsafe if we ever rewind a commit that you rely on later, and
git-gc zaps it from tip.git?

i think it would be better to not rely on that yet. The overwhelming
majority of activities in tip.git are append-only, but the integration
branches (which are included in tip/master) get regenerated frequently.
If you base on a topic branch itself (say tip/x86/nmi) - that should be
pretty stable.


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