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SubjectRe: [stable] [patch 21/50] brd: dont show ramdisks in /proc/partitions
Chris Wright wrote:
> * H. Peter Anvin ( wrote:
>> This seems a bit like cargo cult programming to me. If there isn't a
>> known, good, reason to revert this behaviour change, I would consider it
>> a bugfix, not a regression.
> We have one /proc/partitions parser that got broken (never saw details
> on how). I don't care for this change either (esp. since nbd is still
> left's inconsistent).
> This is now the upstream behaviour (obvious since it's a -stable
> candidate), and the change was introduced in 2.6.25...I'd actually prefer
> to drop this patch, but there's no good reason to deviate if upstream
> keeps this one. I can defer while upstream gets revisited, can you
> revisit this upstream?

I had to ask Chris offline what he meant with this... basically, he and
I both agree that absent hard evidence of malfunction, we should revert
to 2.6.25 behaviour.


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