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    SubjectRe: [patch 2/3] Add flags parameter to reserve_bootmem_generic()
    * Vivek Goyal [2008-06-09 09:22]:
    > Kdump first kernel always tries to reserve just physical RAM and nothing
    > else. So I am not sure what does above code do. Try to reserve a memory
    > which is not RAM but is in the region less than highest mapped entity and
    > in that case return silently without any warning. In what case do we
    > exercise this path?

    I don't know. That code has been introduced in;a=commitdiff;h=5e58a02a8f6a7a1c9ae41f39286bcd3aea0d6f24

    Ccing Andi.

    IMO we should not print any warning in that function, leaving the error
    handling to the caller.

    Bernhard Walle, SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Architecture Maintenance

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